Saturation marketing is all about geography. When mailing to the general public, the one variable you can control is the physical location of your target audience — IF you have the right technology.

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When it comes to focusing your marketing for greatest impact, no other list provider offers the precision targeting capabilities Compact has developed, and no other list provider delivers the quality data that Compact does day after day. This combination makes Compact the clear choice for saturation lists.

With our proprietary GEO-Direct online mapping solution, Compact lets you visually create your list, and clearly see the potential outcome of your campaign. Best of all, the technology is free. All you pay for is the list.

Location is often a key factor in determining whether or not someone will become your customer. Drive time, natural or man-made obstacles, proximity to competitors and other geographic considerations can play a major role in response rates. To help you overcome these barriers, Compact provides the following industry-leading features:

  • Over 148 million deliverable addresses updated weekly
  • Custom polygon mapping
  • All current USPS Carrier Route Polygons
  • Radius/Drive time mapping
  • "Drag and Drop" simplicity
  • Order online 24/7
  • Census overlays
  • Territory Manager

Direct Marketing at the Resident level has always been a numbers game. However, Compact puts the numbers in your favor by giving you the most accurate and up-to-date addresses and the ability to customize your lists using our innovative mapping technology. The result is the power to reduce printing and postage costs while improving your response rate.

Compact has led the way in qualifying with the USPS Computerized Delivery System (CDS) program. This authorizes us to acquire and continuously update our Resident List using the power of the USPS postal carriers and their mainframe. We are qualified to update over 99% of the CDS file, which typically results in more than 46 million changes each week. We also update our Carrier Route Polygons each month to reflect every address change.

Our tireless attention to database maintenance ensures you receive the most current and comprehensive list possible, along with the most accurate and powerful mapping capabilities.

OccuName: When you need personalized saturation mailing.

Available only through Compact, OccuName is a powerful tool that enhances list response by making a saturation campaign more personalized.

OccuName is Compact's Resident List file of USPS Deliverable Addresses with the head of household name appended where available. We can append an average of 70% of deliverable addresses with the current occupant's name. Mailers still receive saturation postage rates, but typically generate a higher response rate through personalization.

If you need the ultimate in Resident List Direct Marketing - with names - then OccuName is the solution for you. Call our List Agents to get a demonstration on how this can work for your campaign.