Saturation marketing is all about geography. When mailing to the general public, the one variable you can control is the physical location of your target audience — IF you have the right technology.

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Enhanced Resident Registration

The Enhanced Occupant List is really a hybrid data file made from combining the best quality Resident/Occupant list in the business with a nationally leading Consumer file. The concept is simple. A resident list is a great way to send direct mail. It covers the entire area while consumer lists generally miss 30% of the households. That said, there are always individual households that are very unlikely to buy the product or service being advertised. Why not remove them and increase the ROI of the mailing? The Enhanced Occupant List gives you the unsurpassed coverage of a Resident List with the pin point accuracy of a Consumer List's demographics for a price that is between the two lists. You can also get household level demographics appended to the output. Try it today!